Research Networks

We are keen to create a network of interested participants and welcome contributors to the project. If you have knowledge of the history or activities of a writers’ organisation, or of an individual writer’s experience of prohibition or defence of free expression, we would love to hear from you. Please register here to take part.

Our Network

Marius Hentea is working on a research project (funded by the Swedish Research Council) on authorship and treason in the period 1944-1949. The comparative project looks at treason cases in France, Norway, the UK and the US. It also investigates the role played by international and domestic writers’ associations in reconfiguring authorship in the postwar period. Find out more…

Lise Gundersen works on the history of Norwegian PEN. She is particularly interested in the difficulties experienced within Norwegian PEN when the country Nazi occupation.

Mónica Szurmuk, University of Buenos Aires/Conicet and Fernando Degiovanni, The Graduate Center, CUNY are working on a project entitled ‘World Literatures, Cosmopolitan Publics: WelcomingF the PEN Club to Buenos Aires 1936’. It looks at the 1936 PEN Congress in Buenos Aires as an event that allows for a reading of the different worlds of literature beyond the traditional categories of text, reader, writer and critic.

Diana Roig Sanz is a Ramón y Cajal senior research fellow at the Open University of Catalonia, in Barcelona. She is the Principal Investigator of the project Mapping Hispanic Modernity: Cross-border Literary Networks and Cultural Mediators (1908-1939), which sets the grounds for a new approach exploring transnational processes of cultural transformation. Find out more…

Contact us if you wish to be put in touch with any of the researchers above.