The Project Team

Rachel-3.jpgRachel Potter is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of East Anglia. She writes on literature and censorship, free expression and writers organisations, modernist literature and early twentieth century culture. She has been exploring the early history of International PEN for a number of years, research which is central to her forthcoming book, The World Literary Republic: Literature and Free Expression 1921-1948. Her published books include Obscene Modernism: Literary Censorship and Experiment 1900-1940 (OUP, 2013), The Edinburgh Guide to Modernist Literature (EUP, 2012), and Modernism and Democracy: Literary Culture 1900-1930 (OUP, 2006).

Peter D. McDonald is Professor of English and Related Literature at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of St Hugh’s College. He writes on literature, the modern state and the freedom of expression; the history of writing systems, cultural institutions and publishing; multilingualism, translation and interculturality; and on the limits of literary criticism. His main publications include British Literary Culture and Publishing Practice, 1888-1914 (CUP, 1997), The Literature Police: Apartheid Censorship and its Cultural Consequences (OUP, 2009,, and Artefacts of Writing: Ideas of the State and Communities of Letters from Matthew Arnold to Xu Bing (OUP, forthcoming 2017,

LaetitiaLaetitia Zecchini is a research fellow at the CNRS in Paris. Her research interests include contemporary Indian poetry and the politics of literature. She also writes on questions of censorship, translation, postcolonial criticism and world literature/world modernisms. Her main publications include a translation of Kolatkar’s Kala Ghoda Poems into French (Gallimard, 2013); Arun Kolatkar and Literary Modernism in India, Moving Lines (Bloomsbury, 2014) and the co-editing of the following special issues : “Problèmes d’histoire littéraire indienne” (Revue de Littérature Comparée, 2015), “A partir de l’Inde” (Littérature, 2016), “The Worlds of Bombay Poetry” (Journal of Postcolonial Writing, 2017).

Katherine Cooper is the Research Associate on the projectme-ngtcloseup. Her own current work looks at refugees and the PEN Club, and she has worked extensively on the life and works of former English PEN President, Margaret Storm Jameson. She will be carrying out much of the archival work, particularly that relating to English and International PEN.